Why SEO Is Necessary For Every Website

As an SEO analyst, I’ve had several people question whether SEO is necessary for every website. The answer is simple: It is absolutely necessary to every site. With users spending increasing amounts of time on the internet, they have evolved. It is no longer enough to provide them with only the information they want to find. That means you can rank #1 for a number of search terms relating to your product, and if people don’t like what they see, they will leave. Web Design must be focused around creating a conversation between you and your community. SEO is focussed on creating content that creates that community.

With high quality designs on millions of webpages, users will expect the same from you. It’s no longer enough to rank first in search engines; users value their experiences on the web over the first webpage to offer the information they’re looking for. If your website doesn’t meet their design expectations, they will leave. As an SEO analyst it’s my job to track when people aren’t fulfilling the user-interaction expectations that I have for the site. I wrote an article that ranked 2nd for a particular search. Visit thelockboss.ie. But users who came to the site didn’t bounce around and check out all the other content on the site. The next step will be to find out how to make content that does create leads or generate downloads.

In short, Leo Hamel’s won’t convert on any site unless they feel like its worth their time. We spend more time on the web every day, and we want that time to be well spent. Now doing all this, creating all this great content into their website may seem like more work than you’re willing to put into your website, and I see their point of view, click now. It can be a terrible amount of work. The answer lies in bringing SEO best practices into the business place.

As has been written many times elsewhere, great copy is not cheap copy. If you want your SEO guy to create great blog posts that people actually read, it’s going to take a couple of hours and a few hundred dollars. The much cheaper and easier way is to have a content strategy session with your SEO person and create ideas on what sort of great content your business may easily be able to produce. Once you have some ideas in place on the sort of things that is great content in your community, you can have someone on the job take an hour or two a week to create it yorlenyscleaningservice.com. Maybe it takes the form of a blog post, or a review, or perhaps a movie or infographic.

And that’s it: a strategy. The answer is to focus on a strategy can be implemented so that your business learns to create content that’s optimized for search

Tom Enns is an SEO and Analytics analyst at Siteline Solutions. He lives in Vancouver B.C. and enjoys music, surfing, sailing and digital nomading around the world.

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